Delphy (DPY) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


The startup was launched in 2017 (official site delphy-org).

Delphy is a decentralized Ethereum-based blockchain platform that allows everyone to forecast the outcome of events. Blockchain provides total decentralization and transparency of interactions between participants and the platform itself, as well as protects from hacking and third-party interference.

The project developers use various methods of attracting new customers, aside from predicting the rates of digital currencies. They aim to cover a wider range of possibilities, including price fluctuations, match results, the outcome of political elections, etc.

The platform uses smart contract technology, which allows you to make different types of forecasts, ensuring timely receipt of winnings in the case of an accurate forecast. In this case, the amount directly depends on such factors as the number of losers, the probability of events, and other aspects.

Delphy has an easy-to-use interface, which does not require additional knowledge in the field of blockchain technology. Besides, you can access the network using a special mobile app.

DPY is a digital token of the ERC20 standard, which serves as the only means of payment. The total token issue is 100 million DPY.

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