DeFi Saver Review

DeFi Saver has got what it takes to attract many DeFi protocol users to choose it above others when it comes to asset management.

There are many protocols it serves at the moment, and they include Maker, dYdX, Fulcrum, and Compound. Hence, it makes available to DeFi users a number of ways to manage their assets, including using a system that is trustless. Web3 wallets such as Trezor, MetaMask, and Coinbase Wallet are also included in what it services.

DeFi Saver has the following peculiarities:

  • Boost & Repay: Users can raise the number of units invested in Maker and also pay off their debts in Dai without clicking several buttons.
  • Controls CDP Ratio Automatically: Stipulate the prices and ratios at which you would like your liquidity to be safe or your leverage raised.
  • Make more money: Ability to find lending protocols that demand very low interest rates makes you have more to save.
  • There is link between Compound & Maker:  Without spending much time, you can send Dai to Compound from CDP, or return what you owe on CDP with what you have on Compound.


DeFi Saver was created in the first few months of 2019 by the people called Decenter. Decenter is known to have several developers, graphic designers, creators of web content and many other professionals that have experience in the blockchain industry of not less than three years.

DeFi saver did not organize an ICO or any fund raising campaign to support the establishment of its projects. Instead, it channeled the little resources it had to make sure it still brought out the best for Ethereum users.

The Decenter team began to think of DeFi Saver around the end of 2018 when ETH dropped so badly in price. They thought it was needful for Maker Vault users to prevent severe losses.

Reasons to join

DeFi Saver provides a means for DeFi users to control their assets without going through stressful conditions. It is now easy to know what is happening is different decentralized exchanges and money protocols at the same time through DeFi Saver. This would have been a complex thing to achieve but DeFi Saver has simplified it to the point that almost anyone will know what to do without any guidance.

The main goal DeFi Saver is trying to achieve is to bring more people into the DeFi space, especially those who have refused to join based on the fact that handling DeFi accounts is tasking.

It is important to note that DeFi Saver is planning to establish a revenue model so that it can better handle asset management by using a web3 model that can stand the test of time. For this reason, DeFi Saver takes a commission of 0.25% when users convert one token to another but 0.125% commission when the transaction is an exchange.

What’s you get on DeFi Saver

  • MakerDAO CDP

Every DeFi Saver user should know the functions of CDP Boost and Repay. “Repay” means that a user can raise their Collateralized Debt Position (CDP) ratio so that they don’t incur losses, by removing from what they have as ETH collateral in their Maker Vaults. The collected amount is changed to Dai and used for the purpose of funding the debt. The good thing is that the process involves a few clicks. “Boost” means users can raise the ETH collaterals they have in their Maker Vault by reducing their CDP ratio so that more DAI will be obtained and changed to ETH, which will then be added to the Vault.

The Repay and Boost features now make it less demanding for Maker Vault users to control their assets.

  • Compound

Compound is present on DeFi Saver to enable any Compound user to perform transactions on Compound without logging out of DeFi Saver’s account. The major benefit of interacting with Compound from DeFi Saver is that it has the likes of Ledger, Trezor, and other kinds of hardware wallets. The relationship that exists between Compound and MakerDAO can also be exploited from DeFi Saver.

Hence, assets can be taken to and away from CDPs. Sending to CDP allows users to settle their DAI debt, which was initially taken from Compound. The transaction doesn’t take time and it’s easy.

  • Smart Savings

DeFi Saver has another item it calls Smart Savings which helps its users make profits by comparing prices of assets on Compound, Maker, Fulcrum, and dYdX.

Stay connected

If you think you would like to know more about DeFi Saver, it is good to go to the site via this link. You can combine this by staying with them on Twitter and reading discussions presented on Discord.

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