DeFi or CeFi? Crypto Giants Clash to Say Why They are Important

Rune Christensen and Alex Mashinsky will talk about the benefits of DeFi and CeFi

In the debate, the crypto community and indeed those who have been interested in being a part of it, will get more clarification about the two concepts. The objective of the debate is to let their audience know which of them would be more beneficial to them or if the two work together to bring out the best.

The lockdown which has reigned in the last few months has been an agent of change in various sectors including the blockchain community. More news stories have been covered in recent times and there is yet another one to see soon. Everyone is talking about Blockdown 2020 and they can’t wait to see as the two crypto champions marshal out their points to convince the audience.

Rune Christensen is the founder of MakerDAO while Alex Mashinsky is the founder of the Celsius Network. The date for the contest is June 18.

Christensen was contacted ahead of the show to have an idea of what he is going to talk about. He said:

“Ultimately, I’m really going to talk about how CeFi and DeFi really need each other. And they complement each other. I think the big advantage of DeFi is that it’s all about creating these global, transparent, directly accessible infrastructure networks, essentially. They’re very efficient, very secure, and anyone can join them. But the downside to this approach is that if you’re just a regular user dipping in your toe, it’s intimidating to interact with something like that.”

Mashinsky was also contacted. This is what he said:

“A lot of what’s being created within DeFi is a copy of what’s happening on Wall Street. I think that the big debate is really: is the existing financial system solvent or not? Is it something that we need to rely on or propagate? And if not, well, what is that new system going to look like? The point here is to solve the financial problems. Seven billion people don’t have an alternative.”

The two crypto giants happen to be saying one thing. They are both of the opinion that the financial systems now need crypto to progress further. They said they have got busier within the lockdown period.

There is more to hear on June 18. Make it a date.

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