DeepBrain Chain (DBC) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


The work on creating a neural network began in 2017 in Shanghai (official site deepbrainchain-org). The creators are Feng He, Chuanfeng Lee, and other specialists.

According to the development team, the project has the potential to scale in the blockchain industry market, which contributes to the development of its activities.

DeepBrain Chain is a platform based on the NEO blockchain.

The project objective is to form a basic network that will provide computing power for artificial intelligence, thus reducing costs. The creators are also trying to implement a decentralized platform for trading technologies.

The advantages of DeepBrain Chain also include reduced cost for computing power, load balancing technology, complete confidentiality, flexible blockchain structure, and maximum reliability. To support the capabilities, the DBC system uses certain applications, including the voice interaction library. There are also other tools focused on developing the capabilities of artificial intelligence.
The platform provides data computing and trading for the allocation of spare PC resources, ensuring protection against information leakage.

With the help of the platform, developers can test the created technologies and algorithms.

DBC is an internal token linked to the real value.

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