Decred (DCR) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


BLAKE256 algorithm
PoW/PoS mining method
The maximum offer 21,000,000 DCR

One person started working on the platform in the spring of 2014 (official site decred-org). Then, a part of the Bitcoin development team joined him. The project was created in 2016.

Decred is a multi-profile digital currency that uses a combined consensus system to achieve a productive balance between participants and miners. According to the creators, Decred will solve many issues and eliminate the shortcomings of Bitcoin.

Their goal is to use this hybrid network to create a more reliable platform.

Usually, there is more influence from the miners that manage the infrastructure than the users, but the system seeks to establish an agreement between the miners and the inventors. Decred allows users to participate directly in the system without using mining equipment. The features of the platform include increased privacy, the combination of PoW and PoS mechanisms, scaling/speed of the confirmation, and a self-governance network that is based on the user’s voice.

The team does not plan to develop decentralized applications on the base. Advantages include full decentralization, mining (using conventional video cards) and the use of the Proof of Stake method.

DCR is a coin designed as a means of payment and focused on open community management. DCR allows direct exchange of one coin to another.

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