Decentralized United price, anonymous crypto project, tokenomics


A brand-new blockchain based service, with unique features.


• DecentralizedUnited price – starts from $0.0006969

• Liquidity Tokens – 335 Million

• Presale Coin – 540 Million

• Liquidity – 65% of currently raised BNB

DecentralizedUnited crypto – unique usage cases

DCU was created to set up ecosystem of modules, that would improve Defi. Along with DecentralizedUnited crypto Smart Swap, a fair solution which allows cash back from every swap transaction. DCU is an actively growing project, with lots of useful features and utilities coming soon.

List of currently working modules:

• DCU Smart Swap

• Root Layer Yielding

• Anonymous Bridge

That’s a few upcoming DCU cases. Developers are planning to bring more functions to the main ecosystem, with organizing multi-shop inside their project, used for any Defi needs.

For example, the built in Smart Swap option, provides user with liquidity aggregator for finding only best options for coin swapping. Also, good news is that every time you make a crypto purchase you will be awarded with 5% cash back. That should cover all gas fees and certify your every single transaction.

The next innovation is DCU anonymous bridge, made for non-KYC transactions, that are untraceable for 3rd party members. You can pay with ETH and receive in BNB with being anonymous in your transfers.

Why You should choose DCU token?

First things first, DCU token is one of the many ways, to stay safe in crypto community. DCU swap system main goal is to ensure that you will always receive the right amount of tokens after swapping. Each transaction will be checked several times, before pay off.

Personal privacy is very important concern in crypto economy. DCU Bridge main function is to disconnect already connected links, which provides absolute anonymity.

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