Dave Portnoy Learns about Bitcoin from the Winklevoss Twins

Dave Portnoy is no longer ignorant about crypto.

Dave Portnoy, the man who started Barstool Sports, met with the founders of Gemini exchange, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. The events of the meeting was covered in a video and posted on Twitter.

Everyone knows Portnoy is good at stock trading and that is why he was nicknamed Davey Day Trader. But that did not stop him from inviting the twins to learn about Bitcoin.

The twins honored the invitation and did not hesitate to give him some tutorials starting from the basics. They even practiced how to buy Bitcoins with fund transferred to a crypto exchange. Since Portnoy said he had transferred $250,000 to Gemini before they came, they used the amount to do some practice. Portnoy also wanted to hear from the twins about Chainlink (LINK) and they were glad to put him through.

After buying a few crypto assets, Portnoy thought it would be nice to own a crypto asset called “Dave Coin” and the twins told him they could even offer some help to make sure it comes into existence.

Portnoy has been saying things about cryptocurrency before now. But with his recent statement: “I want to buy all the Bitcoins,” the crypto community hopes that they have gotten another big supporter.

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