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DATATAN.NET is Thailand-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Dedicated Server, Shared Hosting, VPS, SSL. Their servers are placed in Bangkok. 100% of user reviews who used DATATAN.NET are positive.

DATATAN.NET established the services since 2004 with the initial purpose to be an information source for website makers. Later in 2005, we had the idea to create services to meet the requirements of website makers. Therefore, we started with our qualified services of Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration for website makers with the main goal to provide quick and effective services to customers with our slogan “Service from the Heart, Understand All Website Makers”. Because we have been experiencing in website making and web hosting service users for many years so that we do understand and know the needs of web hosting users very well. So, web hosting services we provide to customers are high quality so that no need to worry about disconnecting of website and we listen to all comments of service users. Today, we have a large group of customers who are using our services of web hosting and domain name registration. From the word of mouth, with our commitment to provide services with honesty, straightforwardness, and friendliness throughout the years, it results in consumer satisfactions in our services. We also have increased rates of new users continually and will continue maintaining our quality services onwards with our principle “If you use our services happily
we are happy too. But if you are troubled
 we will be troubled too.”  So, we are committed to give you the most pleasure while using our services of “Web Hosting” and “Domain Name Registration”.


Domain Name

Domain name registration service is a service that focused on the simplicity of the domain registration process in order to facilitate customers who want to register a domain name to follow the process of registering a domain name easily and quickly. There are explanations in every steps of the domain name registration with us. Therefore, even if you have never registered your domain name, you will able to follow the steps simply.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting is a service form that allows users to bring their own webpages to online on the internet. Web Hosting has also called ‘HSP’ that is shorted from Hosting Service Provider. It is an introduction of the technology required for website making to be serviced with the objectives to enable the website to be seen on the internet. All online websites will have to be deposited or stored on a special computer called Web Server.

Virtual Private Server

The service of Virtual Private Server or VPS is a virtual server service that has ability to work as an actual server. It is a division of the resources of the actual server with high performance into separate parts as an independent server which has a virtual private server working on virtual machine. It is suitable for those who want to use a private server that is stable in operations, but have no time to maintain the server or not ready to set a server by themselves.

Dedicated Server

Server or Dedicated Server is for people or organizations who do not want to buy server. But I want to have a server for personal use. By the way, we will supply the server and hardware care for our customers. Ready to connect to the Internet through high-speed network to be available. Customers can bring software and data into the server. Without investing, purchasing, servicing, or clients, it will be used. Web server Email server File server Or other systems. We can also consult.


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