Dash Starts Versions of Protocols in New Reform

The testnet is just few steps away

Dash is coming up with versions for its protocol in the next update. There will be some more additions to what are already known to exist.

Dash has just reformed its platform for the fourth time. Reforms are done once in six weeks on the platform. Hence, the next one should be coming between October 6 and October 20.

Dash now wishes to make versions available for its protocol as this will  enable developers to move to a testnet and mainnet. Before this new development, developers would make sure no data existed on Evonet before they launch any new platform software:

“While this approach is fine for early testing, it is not appropriate for testnet and mainnet. To handle different versions of data, nodes, and clients all working in coordination, DCG developers introduced versioning that allows for the smooth rollout of breaking changes without affecting user experience.”

Apart from the versioning, other additions are the document binary properties that enable developers to have data contracts with binary fields, modification to the way names are used/added so that one can have a default name on the platform, restructuring the JavaScrpt code, making the distribution package better and modifying the DAPI end points.

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