Dash (DASH) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


X11 Algorithm
Mining method
Maximum offer 18,900,000 DASH

It was developed in winter 2014 by Evan Duffield who named it XCoin (official site dash-org). In spring 2015, it was renamed as Dash.

The purpose of the development is to create a high degree of security for network users to make money payments.

Dash is a unique blockchain-based cryptographic system, controlled by a fully decentralized community.

DASH is an open-source digital unit aimed at complete anonymity and privacy. Easy to use for everyday payments. It offers participants the protection of personal data, making financial transactions private due to the technology created by the team. The developers paid special attention to the security and speed of transfers. Transactions are instant. Low fees for sending micro-payments worldwide. The ability to pay for goods and services for both individuals and legal entities. New opportunities for global business

The maximum issue volume has limitations similar to Bitcoin, but the mechanism for restraining growth is significantly different. Compared to Bitcoin, Dash is more anonymous and transactions are faster. Security in the network is ensured by a two-level system of miners and master nodes. Several algorithms are used to encrypt the system. Dash is based on the x11 algorithm, which includes a chain of 11 hashing functions.

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