CyberVein (CVT) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


The startup was launched in early 2018 (official site cybervein-org).

CyberVein is a blockchain platform that focuses on decentralized data storage and management. Special attention is paid to the inalterability of the input data stored in the blockchain that cannot be edited or replaced.

The developers note some existing shortcomings that need to be addressed, namely: most blockchains cannot work with a large amount of data; low transaction confirmation speed; difficulty in creating smart contracts.

Developers strive to build a global infrastructure and overcome these challenges to provide their customers with results. To do this, the team uses the same method as the creators of the IOTA platform. They chose a directed acyclic graph, which provides simultaneous access to a huge number of participants, without provoking all sorts of system failures. Moreover, CyberVein uses the Proof of Contribution consensus algorithm, which allows users to receive internal CVT tokens as a reward for providing resources to store materials.

The difficulties of scaling the network are solved using sharding technology, which helps to increase the speed of transaction processing.

CVT is a digital token that is intended for accessing various services of the platform.

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