CyberMiles (CMT) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


The project was launched in 2017 (official site cybermiles-io).

In the past, the team worked on the creation of the 5miles platform, which is currently quite popular. 14 specialists, including Lucas Lu, Timothy McCallum, and Michael Yuan, are engaged in the implementation and promotion of the project.

CyberMiles is a decentralized platform created on the Ethereum blockchain. It is compatible with smart contracts and dApps applications. The creators strive to take a leading position in the field of trading and commercial activity. They did not develop any innovations but paid special attention to maximum security and ease of use. CyberMiles offers a platform for establishing a commercial business.

CyberMiles offers lower fees and higher bandwidth than Ethereum. The network is crushed into a multitude of subnets that exchange data with each other, thus increasing bandwidth. There are no performance problems in the system, because only the results of the calculation are written to the blockchain, and they are performed outside.

The platform uses several popular programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, Python, GO, etc.

CMT is an internal token, with which holders pay for all services and goods within the system. It is focused on access to tools. Users will be able to take part in the management and development of the network.

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