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Alexa Traffic Rank: 34,569 is Poland-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, Website Builder, SSL. Their servers are placed in next locations: San Francisco, Washington, Amsterdam, Frankfurt am Main, Hong Kong, Singapore, Nuremberg. 6% of user reviews who used are positive.

Why do people choose cyber_Folks

More income
According to, just 2 seconds of delay in opening a website can lead to the loss of up to half of the conversion. Thanks to the quick operation of websites based on dedicated solutions for WordPress and PrestaShop, you can achieve up to 100% more conversion!

Better rankings on Google
Google prefers fast sites! As of July 2018, page loading speed has become a ranking factor in search results. And the higher the positions on Google, the more potential customers will visit your site.

Service in 6 minutes
We are obsessed with customer service. This is why we constantly monitor parameters such as NPS (Net Promoter Score), which tests the tendency to recommend our brand, and FTR (First Time Resolution) – examining the average time that elapses from contact to solution. We are proud to share the information that the median FTR for the last month is only 6 minutes 26 seconds!

Up to 67x better performance
In stress tests, our WordPress hosting scores up to 67x better than classic hosting based on the same PHP version. The solution is based on NVMe disks, processors with 48 threads and technologies such as DNS Anycast, HTTP / 2, REDIS and LS Cache, thanks to which the speed of opening the website increases!

Copies of pages up to 28 days back
By choosing our hosting you are using one of the best backup solutions. The website backup is performed every day and you can recover it up to 28 days back, and in some cases the database backup is made every 6 hours.

Your page has moved
Most of our clients come to us from other hosting companies. Switching to us can be easy and fast for you too: we will transfer your pages and e-mail to our servers free of charge.

SERVER LOCATIONS: San Francisco , Washington,  Amsterdam , Frankfurt am Main,  Hong Kong,  Singapore,  Nuremberg

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