Cybercrime in Russia is Now 25x Its 2015 Data Says Attorney General

Cybercrime in Russia has increased by 92% in just one year—from 2019 to 2020.

The Attorney General, Igor Krasnov mentioned that Russia’s cybercrime activity from 2015 to 2020 has increased 25 times. Krasnov said this yesterday (July 17) when he attended a meeting for eradicating cybercrime in Russia.

Only one-quarter of Russia’s cybercrimes gets solved

Krasnov told his listeners at the meeting that from January to June alone, 225,000 cybercrime cases were registered. This is 92% greater than the cases registered from January to June last year. In 2019, cybercrime cases registered in Russia were 294,000.

He gave examples of the registered cases: drug trafficking, terrorism financing with cryptocurrencies, and corruption. The AG said so far, only 25% of the registered cases have been solved.

The Attorney General was of the opinion that cybercrime in Russia can grind to a halt if an automated system is created to identify the criminals online. He also said it will help the police and investigators to be more efficient in curbing crime.

Meanwhile, Russians are still waiting for the government to declare its position on crypto.

Although many have been warned to stop using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin in Russia, the country’s law is still silent on the matter. Someone reported few weeks ago to the court that her stolen Bitcoin should be returned but the court explained it had no power to do so since cryptocurrencies had no legal status in Russia.

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