Cube (AUTO) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


The project was created in 2018 by a British company (official site cubeint-io).

Cube is a blockchain platform that provides security for autonomous cars. Different types of access increase the likelihood of all sorts of attacks on cars.

The platform uses blockchain technologies to provide maximum security. Besides, it uses quantum cryptography and AI training, which prevents fraudsters from gaining access to networks. If this is the case, the system detects an emergency event and blocks it automatically.

The Cube team intends to develop an algorithm that can autonomously identify threat risks at the initial stage. For this purpose, artificial intelligence that can eliminate false information is created. For its training, developers use all traffic information, which includes fuel consumption, mileage, the number of passengers, and other additional materials, which form a hashing base.

Thus, the system can be updated and protected from third-party influence. All materials are encrypted using a unique quantum hashing technology, which protects against hacking.

AUTO is a token used for payment at a gas station, garage, vehicle purchase, etc. The company seeks to expand cooperation in the service sector, which includes gas stations, auto shops, and services. Holders can use AUTO to access additional network tools.

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