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CS LOXINFO is Thailand-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting. Their servers are placed in Bangkok.

For over 25 years, CSL has provided ICT Service to leading organizations in Thailand. Today, CSL has grown and raised its potential as a one-stop service provider of One Stop ICT Service.

Cloud, Data Center, Connectivity & ICT Solutions
Data center services that meet international standards and a wide variety of cloud services from Infrastructure, Platform, Software to IT security services at all levels.

Managed Services
A dedicated team of experts who are available for design consulting services Install / move system With after-sales service with a team of experienced professionals 24 hours a day.

System Integration
With the ability to help combine cutting-edge innovation with a wide range of world-leading technology providers. We can also deliver a full range of customized services.


Backup Solution
If unexpected events occur Be confident that you can still access the recorded data. And stored in the system quickly in time

CCTV & Security Solution
Take care of the security of the organization, both indoor and outdoor, and can track through various devices anytime, anywhere by connecting via the internet network or IP system.

DR Site Solution
Even with unexpected problems in various systems with DR Site Solution, a backup site that works as a replacement as quickly as 15 minutes, helping to continue the business.

Firewall & Security Solution
Prevent cybercrime for your organization with a Firewall Solution that has experts in designing and installing equipment. Including introducing behaviors that reduce the risk of use

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solution
With technology Hyper-Converg That combines IT equipment into a single system, uncomplicated, uninterrupted work There is no need to take care of both Server Storage and Network working separately.

Integrated and Total ICT Solution
One Stop Service, a complete IT system for all leading organizations, both public and private, from Design (Design), Installation (Build & Deploy), and Management (Management).

VDO Conference Solution
Business communication options through high-quality VDO Conference systems help save time and money. Which has a variety of solutions to choose from and use to meet the needs

Virtualization Solution
Solutions that help reduce hardware costs for the organization. And increase efficiency in system management Make it easier Reduce the risk of single-point of failure

WiFi & LAN Network Solution
Enhance the use of a highly secure wireless network (WLAN) for various wireless devices. And the network system can support a large number of users and is easy to manage.


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