CryptoWhale’s Quantum Model for BTC Says Expect a Fall in 2021 before a Bull Run the year after

Something new for forcasting the price of bitcoin has been created based on quantum analysis. It has predicted that Bitcoin will reach a bottom as low as $2,000 in 2021 before a steady rise in 2022.

This analysis came up on June 2, 2020. CryptoWhale on Twitter commented that the bull run will start in 2022 but before then, Bitcoin will fall to $2000. This price prediction model is called the Whale Model or Fermion Flows.

Does quantum physics explain bitcoin?

Fermions are very tiny particles, even smaller than atoms. They agree with Femi-Dirac statistics. They take half odd-integer spins.

When particles are spread in a system with different energy levels and none of the particles, though identical, can exist in more than one energy level at the same, those particles are said to be obeying Fermi-Dirac statistics.

It is not out of context to relate this phenomenon to  the price of Bitcoin.

Expect bearish moves but it won’t last forever

It took CryptoWhale six years to develop this new quantum model. It is claimed that the model has been working since 2018 and has been successful in making accurate predictions of major market moves in the bitcoin market.

In CryptoWhale’s tweet, he added an image showing Bitcoin’s performances since 2012 up till this year. It shows remarkable moments when Bitcoin made major moves in the market.

The image has two major points of interest. These are the Fermi-Dirac phases. One started from mid 2014 to the beginning of 2016, while the other one is yet to start.

This model has bad news for those who are looking to gain from buying bitcoin because it predicts that bitcoin will end at a price below $4,000 this year and deep further till around $2,000 before it starts buying again. According to the model, the price will rise to about $6,000 in the middle of next year and then fall again to below $4,000.

It is only after this has happened that Bitcoin will gain momentum to soar. The model predicts a price of over $24,000 around June/July 2022.

However, this quantum model is just one out of many price prediction models. Unfortunately, they do not agree with themselves so it is obvious that some people are missing it. For example, one is not sure now if it is proper to follow the predictions from Adam Back, Stock-to-Flow model or this quantum model.

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