Cryptonex (CNX) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


Scrypt Algorithm
PoS mining method
The maximum offer 210,000,000 CNX

The development team started working on the project in 2017 (official site cryptonex-org). The team of specialists is headed by Pavel Kalinin.

Cryptonex is a new generation global decentralized open-source platform developed on a unique blockchain.

The main objective is to implement the instant exchange of any digital and fiat currencies without the involvement of third parties (e.g. exchanges that charge for the services provided). They also strive to provide users with the ability to pay for goods and services using smartphones and payment cards, while charging a minimum commission. The platform has developed a web wallet that allows you to convert cryptographic codes and safely store funds using a mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

The advantages of the platform include a high level of network scalability. High speed of the transaction. Using virtual and real cards, you can instantly pay for various purchases and receive instant accruals. Cryptonex offers participants an incentive reward system. The resource is supported by an extensive network of nodes that are located around the world. The creators continue to develop the project, adding new features that will help unite the entire cryptocurrency community.

CNX is an internal coin used to perform various transactions. Mining is carried out according to the POS scheme. Income is paid daily, depending on the wallet balance.

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