CRYPTO20 (C20) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


The project was launched in early 2018 (official site invictuscapital-com).

CRYPTO20 is a single token that displays the average value of twenty popular currencies by capitalization and allows depositors to use diversification opportunities.

The platform offers users a fairly simple method of investing in digital assets without opening many accounts and wallets.

The CRYPTO20 index fund occasionally monitors the popularity of cryptocurrencies. If the top twenty changes, the indicator is recalculated. Assets that have lost their relevance are removed, and new ones are added. Due to the platform, investors do not need to constantly monitor analytics, reducing the time spent on analyzing exchanges.

Investors can purchase 1 C20 token, paying an annual commission fee of 0.05% and become the holder of a diversified tool that consists of 20 popular currencies. Now, developers create additional services, some of which will work with the help of artificial intelligence. Users will have access to new developments.

C20 is a digital token. It is considered stable because the value is not increased by demand. All transactions are transparent since all actions are registered and verified on the Ethereum blockchain.

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