Crypto Sites Went Down Because of Cloudflare’s Outage

Your WiFi was not at fault this time.

Some crypto sites and other websites were disconnected from the internet this (Sunday) morning owing to Cloudflare’s downtime.

Cloudflare agreed that the disruption happened and that it was around 9:24 AM Eastern Time. It traced the origin of the problem to a third-party transit provider. The problem lasted for less than two hours. Cloudflare has not yet folded its arms anyway as it suspects other things may have gone wrong.

A lot of things done on the internet depends on Cloudflare and this is why many sites were involved at the time it happened. Some notable examples include Hulu streaming site, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

Some crypto websites went down too. In fact, Bitfinex’s CTO, Paulo Ardoino confirmed in a tweet that Bitfinex was temporarily shut down during the period of Cloudflare’s outage.

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