Crypto Scammers Adopt New Method of Requesting for Ransom in Japan

Some people who are believed to be crypto terrorists have threatened to bomb a government edifice located in Hokkaido.

Some crypto terrorists have said they will surely bomb a government building in Hokkaido Island. They claimed that the bombs were already set and that the only way to detonate them was by paying a ransom.

FNN reported that the Numata Town Hall received an email from the crypto terrorists stating that a bomb was already planted in one of the floors. The terrorists gave a date (June 29) and time (03:00 UTC) before which a ransom must be paid or they face the risk of losing their lives and properties in addition to the building.

But it is as if the crypto terrorists only made an empty threat because the date when they said the building would crash has passed by several weeks and nothing has happened yet. The email was first read in the week of July 20.

Terrorists taking to crypto scams

Workers in the building denied noticing any dubious activity around the building. This made it look more like a bunch of criminals who only wanted the government to pay them some money.

In Japan, some crypto scammers took advantage of the postponement of this year’s Olympics to defraud people.

Following the postponement, some scammers pretending to be members of the International Olympic Committee sent emails to a lot of people asking for their support in BTC to make the Olympics a success.

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