Crypto Payments now Possible with an Established Health Insurance Company in Swiss

Bitcoin Suisse now accepts payments in BTC or ETH from policyholders.

One of the well known health insurance companies in Switzerland now takes BTC and ETH as a form of payment for an insurance plan.

Yesterday, it was announced that Atupri Health Insurance and Bitcoin Suisse would partner to grant 200,000 policyholders of the health insurance firm an opportunity to pay in Bitcoin or Ethereum. The insurance company has delegated all crypto deposits to the Bitcoin Suisse which will give it the local currency after exchanging the deposited crypto from policyholders. Those who opt to pay with crypto will also bear the cost of mining fees.

Atupri’s Head of Marketing and Sales, Caroline Meli, said:

“As digital pioneers in the healthcare sector, we anticipate social trends and offer insurance solutions with long-term prospects.”

“Blockchain technology and the associated use of cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly important,” she added.

Both companies in the partnership are doing well. Atupri recorded annual sales of $887 million in 2019 while Bitcoin Suisse holds assets worth $1 billion and has not stopped planning to expand its business. Four months ago, it started its custodial and staking services for Tezos and also launched gold, silver and platinum on its trading platform.  There are reports that Bitcoin Suisse is planning to give security tokens next year and also get identified on the stock exchange market in the next two years.

The Swiss have been known to embrace cryptocurrencies for quite some time now. In Switzerland, the Zug City is popularly regarded as the ‘Crypto Valley’ because many businesses go on there with cryptocurrencies and even commuters pay with cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. People living in Zermatt now have an option to pay their taxes using Bitcoin.

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