Crypto Miner in Police Net for Stealing Electricity worth over $400,000

In Russia, a 30-year old who mines cryptocurrency was arrested for stealing electricity. The suspect is said to have used electricity worth $494,000 from the state illegally.

The Russian police, on June 9, caught a man who lives in Makhachkala, Russia for mining cryptocurrency in large quantities without paying for electricity. He had in connection, more than 500 mining systems to the state’s electricity supply.

On June 6, it was discovered that the miner used power from the state grid worth $494,000 or 34 million rubles.

According to the report, the miner performed his activities on the third floor of a building located in New Khushet.  Apart from Bitcoins, he was also alleged of mining altcoins. The report also revealed that the illegal connection may have been in May since that was when he rented the apartment. Apart from him, no one else lives in the compound as it is mainly a construction building.

The police said the miner used some sophisticated equipment to tap electricity from supplies to the construction company.

Facilities now in police custody

The police searched the building and discovered there were 518 computer facilities for mining cryptocurrency.

The suspected miner was charged with property damage by fraud. Investigations have kicked off to know if he was aided by other people.

The police are yet to reveal the other altcoins that were mined. They also haven’t said how much the suspect has made in profit within this one month.

Other illegal mining activities pulled down in Russia

Not long ago, the Russian police also started digging into the activities of a one-time regional post office head that used to mine cryptocurrencies at work. The location in this case was Mineralnye Vody in the southern part of Russia.

Another one like this was the case of a group of Bitcoin miners in Russia that constantly used electricity up to $200,000 monthly before they were caught.

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