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What is Review – The specialists of Crypto Harbor LTD trade on exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, Gate and others. It is an important part of activity of the Crypto Harbor LTD. This direction provides the company with a stable and constant income regardless of the market condition. They employ some of the most experienced traders who allow closing most of the transactions in the plus even if the cryptocurrency market falls.


Q: What is the main activity of Crypto Harbor LTD?
Crypto Harbord LTD are working on one of the most profitable directions – they trade cryptocurrency at the largest and most reliable exchanges.

Q: Can I have several accounts at once and use them to invest?
No, this is prohibited by the rules. You can create and use only one account, as all subsequent registrations will be identified and blocked along with available money on the balance.

Q: After transferring funds, will the deposit be activated instantly?
The deposit will be activated as soon as the funds are accrued to our accounts. Please note that the transfer of the cryptocurrency may take some time not through our fault – it must be confirmed by the network participants.

Q: How long should I wait to get payments?
We process all applications in manual mode. Therefore the payment according to your request can take up to 96 hours.

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