Crypto Channel on YouTube Got Resconnected After Being Accused of Supporting Unlawful Activities

YouTube has restored the crypto channel, Altcoin Daily, after two days of being offline. The channel is owned by Aaron and his brother Austin.

YouTube has banned another crypto channel because it ‘flouted its rules.’

On July 31, the owners of Altcoin Daily and many crypto users tweeted that YouTube banned the channel’s crypto activities because it was accused of supporting unlawful activities.

The brothers said their sole aim of having a crypto channel on YouTube was to deliver news to the public. They asked everyone to disregard any report saying it promoted illegal activities.

One of the measures the brothers took was tweeting to encourage their over 27,000 followers to ask YouTube to change its position on their ban. The followers did as requested, using hashtags such as #FreeAltcoinDaily.

It took YouTube more than two days to reverse its decision. Altcoin Daily was restored again on August 3.

Singling out crypto channels

In December last year, crypto channels were the main targets of YouTube. Many channel owners lost their subscribers while some were removed completely. In a review, YouTube mentioned that some of the actions it took were mistakes.

Two months ago, was accused of disobeying some rules governing crypto channels on YouTube so it was disconnected. But the disconnection didn’t last for more than two days and the subscribers were all restored. In some other instances, YouTube restored the disconnected channels after one day. Some of them were Tone Vays and BTC Sessions.

Another affected channel was that belonging to Cointelegraph. YouTube disconnected the channel online while it was covering the Bitcoin Halving on a livestream three months ago.

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