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CRXZone is another crypto exchange company that is based in Singapore. The competition in Singapore is much but healthy because the availability of many of them in the same place will improve the quality of services to render. It will also force them to go into several researches just to become relevant and more advantaged than the others.

Trading: Real Crypto Trading
Cryptos: BTC, USD, LTC
Trading Fees: Taker Fee: 0.35%, Maker Fee: 0.35%
Leverage: none

OTC Trade Services
If you have a large amount to trade, an amount between 5,000 SGD (USD 3,706) and 500,000 SGD (USD 370,598), you can choose to do it with the OTC service. However, you would have to walk to the office yourself to get this done. The office address is:

Intellect Market Pte. Ltd is the brain behind CRXZone. It was founded in 2014. You can find contact details of the company on their website. US investors may trade here but it may not be entirely safe for them. CRXZone does not have any problem with them joining but they should find out what their state laws have to say about it.