Crown (CRW) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


The SHA256 algorithm
PoW mining method
Maximum offer 42,000,000 CRW

The project saw the light in 2014 (official site crownplatform-com). A team of 22 specialists, including Artem Brazhnikov, Ashot Khachatryan, Vladimir Shamray, Luke Bettles, worked on its creation.

Crown is an open-source decentralized blockchain platform that is designed to introduce technical and financial innovations. The project operates on the KYC principle. Due to that, each user must undergo the verification procedure. The platform operates on a quite popular SHA-256 hashing algorithm and uses the Proof-of-work consensus method.

The team aims to use the reliable and proven technologies of existing institutions and add innovations that have become available thanks to the research and development of the crypto community.

Crown has a wide range of features, including conducting transactions, sending text messages, registering property rights, and storing digital assets. Besides, developers will be able to create applications based on the API that contributes to the development of the new economy.

Crown is based on the CRW coin, which is used to get full access to the system’s functionality. CRW holders can make important decisions in the community voting process. Combined mining with BTC is possible using video cards (GPU) and ASIC equipment.

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