Credits (CS) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


The startup was created in 2018 by a Russian company (official site credits-com).

Credits is a public decentralized blockchain platform with autonomous smart contracts that provide financial services without the involvement of specialized institutions such as banks and intermediaries. The team aims to implement a financial tool that will meet the modern needs of society.

The developers considered all the features of existing sites functioning and paid special attention to the network bandwidth and high transaction speed.

The project intends to unite all participants in one system, where everyone can offer and use services.

Credits provides its users with a wide range of functionality. It is focused mainly on business and office management but can be successfully used in various areas by both legal entities and individuals. The project’s functionality includes making payments and transfers around the world, identifying users, supporting nodes and a unique consensus mechanism.

The main advantages of Credits include instant transactions with minimal commission charges. The processing speed is average (1 million per second in real-time mode).

CS is a digital token that is intended for use within the network. For storing CS, developers created a special wallet.

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