CPChain (CPC) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


The startup was launched in 2018 (official site cpchain-io). The main founders are Long Chengnian, Shi Qingwei, and Zhao Bin.

CPChain is a decentralized blockchain platform designed to manage the Internet of things. The platform integrates autonomous IoT systems into a single ecosystem. It stands out among such projects because developers offer the possibility of extensive coverage of devices.

Thus, they intend to solve the three main issues of the existing IoT, such as the high cost of equipment, low security, and narrow territorial coverage. It also aims to create a next-generation infrastructure and provide users with a system that can reduce the cost of equipment, increase the value of data exchange, and guarantee the security and privacy of users, eliminating all kinds of fraud. Special attention is paid to the issue of network scaling.

Participants can interact with the platform through decentralized applications.

CPChain includes blockchain technology, the Internet of things, and parallel and distributed storage and processing.

The offered functionality can be used in various fields of activity that are associated with large databases.

CPC is a digital token that is used for payments within the network. Nodes receive a CPC as a reward.

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