Covesting (COV) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


The company is located in Gibraltar (official site covesting-io). Dmitry Pruglo and Tim Voronin, who are experienced experts in the field of trading, worked on the project.

The founders intend to integrate the structure of traditional financial institutions into the digital currency market to help beginners make additional profits on asset trading.

Covesting is an advanced copy-trading blockchain platform that is designed for traders and investors of electronic currencies.

The development team aims to create a global ecosystem for investors who can use financial services and earn income by copying transactions and contributing to the implementation of a p2p environment for coordinating investments. Covesting automates the process of controlling assets, guarantees mutual trust, and provides security by implementing a simple, reliable, and transparent investment procedure, which creates favorable conditions for the partnership that will be mutually beneficial for both traders and investors.

The project offers participants to track and compare the trading dynamics of many cryptocurrency managers and automatically copy the transaction algorithm.

COV is an Ethereum-based internal token of the ERC20 standard that supports smart contracts and is intended for use within the system for accessing trading policies. The total issue volume of COV is limited.

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