COSS (COSS) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


The official launch of the startup took place in 2017 (official site coss-io). The headquarters are located in Singapore, but most of the developers are from Romania. The main creators are Dan Cearnau, Ioana Frinku, Iulian Oprea, and Desmon Sieow.

COSS is a cross-functional Ethereum-based blockchain platform, which operates as a cryptocurrency exchange.

COSS has unlimited development opportunities. It is aimed at introducing digital currencies to the masses, as well as making cryptographic products and services more accessible. And all of it within one ecosystem.

The functionality includes a payment gateway, an exchange, a news portal, a trading platform, and various services/applications. Therefore, the ecosystem allows customers to trade digital assets, read current news, withdraw funds to their bank cards, etc.

The project supports more than 30 electronic currencies with BTC and ETH. Margin trading is not available.

Aside from traditional financial transactions, we offer a payment solution for offline and online stores that want to sell products for cryptocurrency.

The platform is based on the internal COSS token of the ERC20 standard. Token holders make a profit in the form of fees charged by the platform for transactions. The development team is thinking on the way to encourage users to attract new traders.

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