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ConvertKit offers a unique ESP software that combines user-friendly interface, workflow automation and multifunctionality. The key advantage of this platform is the ease of use, which compares favorably from competitors. At the same time, it is quite powerful and will delight you with a democratic price, which makes it available to a wide audience of potential users.

ConvertKit-com offers one free and two paid flexible tariff plans. Service suites may be paid by credit card. There is a 14-day trial period when you can refuse.


ConvertKit is not so much targeted on e-commerce tasks as it is focused on a creative audience, such as bloggers, artists, digital product creators. Therefore, online business owners should not expect any special innovations from this tool. At the same time, this service will provide creative people with everything they need to popularize their product.

ConvertKit has one feature which is a very user-friendly interface. The control panel includes 5 functional tabs:

  1. This menu lets you manage subscribers and create mailing lists.
  2. Landing pages and forms. In this menu you will find a lot of customizable forms and landing page templates.
  3. This menu is for sending one-time emails.
  4. This menu is used to generate a series of emails with a autoresponder option
  5. This is a menu for setting up automatic mailings, depending on specific actions performed by a certain user (visiting a page, opening a letter, etc.).

Let’s take a closer look at each menu.


This tab shows the total number of subscribers. Here you can also see growth dynamics and statistics such as the percentage of email openings or the average click rate. This menu lets you control the growth of the audience and assess the nature of the interactions of individual subscribers with messages sent to them.

The system provides the ability to segment audiences and tag individual users. You can also set up automatic tagging of people by setting certain conditions, such as following a link, opening a letter, registering, etc. For example, you can set sending a newsletter only to those users who opened the last email sent. The administrator can combine individual tags, thus providing the most accurate audience targeting.

Landing pages and forms

A subscribe form is an essential part of any email campaign. In ConvertKit, the form a user was attracted with is forever marked in the subscriber’s profile, which is very convenient from an analytic point of view. In this menu you can configure the entry point, regardless of whether you are using ready-made ConvertKit forms or third-party plugins. The system lets you embed subscription forms directly on your website.

In the same menu, you can customize landing pages, although this option is not required for mailings. With ConvertKit-com you can create high-quality landing pages that are responsive to a variety of mobile devices. Today, the user has several ready-made landing page templates available, each of which can be visually customized for a specific brand or product.


This option lets you customize the sending of letters to the target audience, and this is done automatically. Basic scripts can be created with ConvertKit. The automation system includes two variables:

  • Trigger – an activity or event that triggers a script;
  • The action is what should happen when the trigger fires.

ConvertKit provides several automation templates that you can take as a basis and adapt to your needs. Also you can create your scripts from scratch.

Broadcasts and sequences

The “Broadcast” menu is intended for sending a one-time message to the selected contact list. Typically, this tool is used to announce live broadcasts, training and seminars. It is a convenient format that can be used for both spontaneous and scheduled mailings.

In turn, the “Sequence” menu lets you configure a whole series of letters with a specified delay period. This format is convenient for presenting products that require dosed and gradual presentation.

Both broadcasts and sequences can be configured as flexible as possible for a specific audience and tasks. The toolkit is so flexible that it lets you insert specific content parts for selected audiences, tagged with a special tag. It is even possible to set up an individual email broadcast for a specific user, which is rarely found on other platforms. So the toolkit for personalizing email campaigns on ConvertKit-com is really huge.


ConvertKit offers several tariff plans on the terms below.


  • Price: $ 0 per month;
  • Up to 1,000 subscribers;
  • Unlimited landing pages and forms;
  • Unlimited mailings;
  • Selling subscriptions and digital products;
  • Email support.


  • Price: from $ 29 to $ 2.299 per month;
  • 1,000 to 500,000 subscribers;
  • All options of the Free plan;
  • Free migration;
  • Automation options.

Creator Pro

  • Price: from $ 59 to $ 2.599 per month;
  • 1,000 to 500,000 subscribers;
  • All options of the Creator plan;
  • Facebook Custom Audiences
  • Referral mailing system;
  • Subscribers scoring;
  • Extended reporting.


ConvertKit is a handy tool for organizing mailing lists. Although the service is primarily adapted for creative projects tasks, it is also of interest to businesses that sell digital products and subscriptions. Convenient and intuitive interface combined with flexible pricing policy make ConvertKit-com an ideal platform for starting a project of any scale. You can start right now. Just sign up and take a Free tariff plan.

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