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Constant Contact is a progressive Email-marketing platform that is considered one of the most user-friendly in terms of subscription management and delivery efficiency. This service offers a lot of opportunities for working with commercial mailings, including convenient contacts import and pre-installed letter templates. Despite the fact that many users lack full-fledged automation tools in the functionality, this platform is deservedly in demand among small and medium-sized businesses. And one of the reasons for such popularity is a democratic pricing policy, which lets you start developing this marketing area with minimal investment.

ConstantContact-com currently offers two paid tariff plans. At the same time, a 30-day test period is provided (for US residents – 60 days), during which it is possible to evaluate the entire functionality of the platform. You can pay for a subscription to the company’s services using a bank card or PayPal. For non-profit organizations, a discount of up to 30% is provided.


Constant Contact is considered by many experts to be one of the best tools for starting an email marketing campaign. The platform offers excellent Email templates that demonstrate high performance and positive customer response. At the moment, the collection includes hundreds of templates, each of which can be customized for the tasks of your project.

Constant Contact has a user-friendly interface you can flexibly customize your advertising campaign and receive instant feedback with. Drag & Drop technology makes the process of Emails visually customizing extremely easy. You do not need to have special skills in layout and HTML. Everything is extremely convenient and operates on the principle of a kid’s constructor.

On the positive side, automated Emails are sent to the selected subscribers list at the appointed time. An autoresponder function is also provided with the ability to auto-send according to your own established rule. For example, you can activate the automatic letter sending in response to any user action, thereby keeping close contact with a potential client. Constant Contact also deeply integrates with social networks. Letters created using this mailing service can be shared on social networks with one click.

The convenience of working with subscribers’ lists should be noted separately. You can not only add your clients with one click, but also import them in a list from Excel, Outlook, Gmail and other popular services. There is also a built-in feature to automatically update inactive subscribers.

Those customers who like detailed analytics will be delighted with powerful tools for tracking Emails and user reactions to them. As an administrator of an Email campaign, you can see on a functional monitor who opens emails, who clicks on elements and who shares your emails on social networks. These tools open your eyes to the reality and the reaction of your target audience to your emails. Based on the data obtained, it is possible to more accurately adjust and calibrate your advertising strategy.


ConstantContact offers two tariff plans on the terms below.


  • Price (depends on the number of subscribers): from $ 20 per month;
  • Purpose: quick start for small businesses and organizations;
  • Number of users: up to 3 people;
  • Unlimited number of letters;
  • Registration forms;
  • Applications and integrations;
  • Convertible landing pages;
  • Customizable industry templates;
  • Tracking and reporting;
  • E-marketing tools;
  • Subscriber database;
  • Contact list import and segmentation;
  • Tools for creating a welcome email;
  • Re-sending to users who have not opened the mail sent;
  • A / B testing the subject line;
  • Social networks sharing button;
  • Social monitoring;
  • Landing pages;
  • Advertising and analytics on Facebook and Instagram;
  • Logo constructor;
  • Image library;
  • Marketing calendar;
  • Integration with Google Ads and Google My Business;
  • Event management;
  • Embedded video;
  • Multiple websites;
  • Mobile version of the target website;
  • Free web-hosting;
  • Unlimited storage;
  • Free SSL-certificate;
  • Web analytics;
  • Integrated blog;
  • Custom domain connection;
  • History preservation;
  • Unlimited number of items;
  • Online payments acceptance;
  • Transaction fee;
  • Digital products and downloads;
  • Transactional Emails;
  • Ordering, inventory and tax management;
  • Coupons and discounts;
  • Integrated shipping management;
  • Local delivery of goods;
  • Free marketing advisor;
  • Educational resources;
  • Live chat and phone support.

Email Plus

  • Price (depends on the number of subscribers): from $ 45 per month;
  • Purpose: for advanced work with the target audience;
  • Number of users: up to 10 people;
  • All functions of the Email tariff plan;
  • Segmentation of e-commerce;
  • Customizable pop-up forms;
  • RSVP;
  • Polls;
  • Coupons;
  • Donates;
  • New client consultation;
  • Behavioral Automated Email Series;
  • Automatic welcome Email series;
  • Dynamic content;


It doesn’t matter if you have many years of experience with mailing lists or are just taking your first steps in email marketing, Constant Contact will ensure a quick and effective start of your communication campaign. For relatively little money you get all the basic tools that will let you create beautiful and informative emails, target them to the most responsive audience and track the reaction of potential customers. You can take advantage of the 30-day free trial right now, during which you can set up and test a full-fledged Email campaign. When you are sure that ConstantContact-com is working, you can safely pay for the full package of services.

ConstantContact has established itself as a reliable partner for the deployment of large-scale advertising campaigns. Affordable prices and rich functionality are all you need for a quick and powerful start.

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