ConsenSys Introduces a Package of Interest for Would-be Blockchain Developers

The blockchain industry is never saturated and for this reason, ConsenSys wants more people to be a part of it especially if they are willing to give their best. The company has, through the help of Ethereum network, developed a package that helps developers.

The package has been ready since Friday. It comes with assistance for using the ethereum blockchain technology especially when you want to create a decentralized app.

It has JavaScript, Solidity and Python programming languages which make using Ethereum easier. In addition to that, ConsenSys included other programming languages that make developing protocols on the blockchain network easier. They include Java, .NET, Go, Rust, and Ruby.

For those who still find some blockchain terms ambiguous, this package will also be of help to them as it has a glossary section. Developers looking for work to do may also find help with this. They can easily find jobs on sites such as and Blocktribe.

After evaluating the job requirements on LinkedIn for the year 2018, ConsenSys believes that blockchain developers are not going to lack jobs if they know their onions. Compared to the previous year, there was an increase in job availability by more than 300%.

“Companies hiring range from small remote teams to VC-funded startups to industry leaders and tech giants,” the company said.

In a related study, PwC has discovered that majority of firms are now looking at using blockchain technology to solve most of their needs. The ratio of those with an eye for it presently to those who are yet to consider it is like 4:1.

More so, many people are beginning to have a different notion about blockchain. More than half of developers worldwide now say positive things about blockchain.

This is not the first time ConsenSys is showing that it has the interest of blockchain developers at heart. In 2017, it began a school for developers.

ConsenSys is doing all these despite the past disappointment witnessed in the crypto market. A lot of companies retrenched their works when the market became bearish but they are hopeful that things will turn better soon.

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