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Conexcol is Colombia-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Resellers. Their servers are placed in next locations: Medellin, London. 100% of user reviews who used Conexcol are positive.

Conexcol, being physically in Colombia, offers response times around only 20 milliseconds. With Conexcol, not only is access speed privileged, it is the only way to comply with the requirements to guarantee compliance with Colombian Habeas Data . Additionally, all our plans include the most modern and sophisticated hosting technologies that are not offered elsewhere.

Conexcol hosting was born out of our need as developers and Internet enthusiasts in Colombia due to the lack of viable offers in Colombia. Unfortunately, most Colombian websites are currently hosted abroad with response times of 80 to 200 milliseconds depending on the country where you are hosted. After trying our service you will never think about hiring another hosting service.

Datacenter in Colombia
Infrastructure in Colombia with up to 12x less latency than servers abroad.
Your information does not leave the country. Billed and supported in Colombia.

With the lowest latency, Datacenter Tier3 in Colombia and our obsession with speed, your service will be the fastest you have ever experienced.

During the entire duration of the contract, you will receive the most stable, economic and fast service you know. We guarantee quality and price.

A team of experts located in Colombia is always ready to assemble your solution and answer your questions by phone, email and chat.

Run servers and websites on our elastic and balanced cloud. No matter how many users you have, the cloud meets your needs.

SERVER LOCATIONS: Medellin , London

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