Colombia’s President Falsely Represented in Bitcoin Scam

Bitcoin scammers are no respecter of persons because even the president of Colombia has just been involved. The police in Colombia are cautioning social media users to avoid a website that is now known for Bitcoin scam.

Colombian’s president, Ivan Duque, has been recently involved in crypto scam he was reported to have launched an investment site that focuses on multiplying BItcoins.

News media outlet, Colombia Check, reported that the Cybernetic Police Center found out that the Bitcoin scam site involved President Ivan Duque in their fraudulent activities by quoting a statement they claim to be from him as to support their “business.” They said the president approved the investment because it will provide a “relief to the economic crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.”

The fraudsters maintained that the president endorsed Bitcoin Era as an investment opportunity that will be “the biggest deal of the century” because citizens will earn regular income from them in form of cryptocurrencies.

Another form of deceit on the website is a write-up presented to be an interview with the CEO, Diego Garcia, as he spells out his investment strategies. But this “interview” even reveals that it is all scam when critically analyzed.

The first reason to suspect it is that the interview was copied from another scam site known as Crypto Genius, which existed last year. They also used the picture of the Youtuber, Pete Accetturo, instead of their own pictures.

On the website, the fraudsters also put up fake user reviews.

They put the picture of one Adán Cortés, a student in Mexico but represented him as a user with the name José Ruiz. They probably preferred to use the Mexican’s image because news about him storming into the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony went viral.

Colombia is not the only country that has experienced this type of scam. Rylan Clark-Neal, a presenter for British TV and a celebrity at X-Factor cautioned his followers about a fraudulent interview that reported he won so much money in Bitcoins.

A tweet from one-time Celebrity Big Brother participant on April 18 revealed that The Daily Mirror of the U.K. was involved in a scam that went viral on Facebook.

Facebook was dragged to court by Hugh Jackman, Martin Lewis, and Gordon Ramsey two years ago because it couldn’t stop scammers from using their names in a Bitcoin scam.

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