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ICO Start




It is first of its kind to offer one-time backup of multi-currencies. For Blockchain technology to reach its fullest potential, a service with that can meet end user’s realistic expectation has to come through With our hybrid wallet, we plan to be the trigger that leads to expansion of blockchain ecosystem With the above in the background, we launched CoinUs Wallet to focus on an individual’s usage characteristics that is human-centered rather than technology-centered. Furthermore, the CoinVerse system is our expanded universe that encompasses our philosophy of creating an autonomous blockchain ecosystem in a virtuous circle of expansion.

Token Info
Token CoinUs / CNUS
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Tokens for Sale 1,000,000,000
Investment Info
Accepting ETH
Price in ICO 1 CNUS = 0.0000262502 ETH
Distributed in ICO 50%
Raised Unknown

Timeline / Roadmap

Q3 2017

CoinUs Multi-Cryptocurrency; Wallet Ideation.

Q4 2017

CoinUs Keeper; Design & Development.

Q1 2018

The Blockchain Inc.; CoinUs Wallet Launch (ETH & ERC20 Token).

Q2 2018

CoinUs Keeper Pre-Order; CoinUs Wallet Coin Support Expansion (BTC, BCH, LTC, QTUM, and etc.); Token Launcher & One-Pass KYC Service Launch.

Q3 2018

CoinUs Keeper Launch; ICO Rating System Open; CoinUs Wallet Coin Support Expansion (Strategic Partners).

Q4 2018

CoinUs Wallet Enhancement (UX&UI Improvement); CoinUs Keeper Overseas Business Partnership (Japan, China, US, and Europe).

Q1 2019

CoinUs US Branch Establishment; CoinVerse Development Commencement

Q2 2019

CoinVerse Testnet Launch, Wallet, and CBN API Release.

Q4 2019

CoinVerse Ecosystem Launch.

Team Members

Team Members
Jay Lee
Founder & CEO
Team Members
Sean Oh
Founder & CEO
Team Members
Alex Oh
Team Members
Hoick lee
Team Members
Andrew Kim
Business Strategy Lead
Team Members
Jimin Chang
Tech Lead
Team Members
Seunghee Jea
Management Lead
Team Members
Carrie Wang
UI/UX Lead
Team Members
Jax Kim
QA Lead

CoinUs Wallet is a hybrid solution that provides top-notch security by combining best of hot and cold wallets

■ CoinUs Wallet App 
– a light-client mobile app for iOS and Android OS
– Supports ERC20, ETH, QTUM, QRC20 simultaneously
– Single-backup possible with QR code
– Create additional wallets w/one click
– Auto Dectection of tokens(ERC20) w.o. smart address
– Searchable transaction history
– ICO participation system
– One-pass KYC for multiple ICOs

■ CoinUs Keeper Dongle
– applied OTP technology in the form of a dongle
– Once coupled with the app, no tranaction is possible without the Keeper (Hot & Cold Wallet)
– Stores fragmented private key to protect individual’s crypto asset.
– Cross-checks transaction address and amount before transaction.
– Keeper immune to hacking due to SE Chip Technology

■ CoinVerse Ecosystem
– become an entry “portal” for blockchain world participants with our CoinVerse Ecosystem by realizing “Human-to-Blockchain” interface
-CNUS utility token: fees for crypto transfers and API usages within CoinVerse

■ Minimal Viable Product (MVP) – Launched 4/23