CoinList Exchange Sells Out Its NEAR Despite Platform’s Challenges

Although all was sold within 180 minutes, it wasn’t easy for CoinList to handle the second batch of NEAR token sales because investors trooped to the site, which made it busy and difficult to access.

CoinList earlier planned to sell their NEAR tokens again 24 hours after the first but the site became very busy due to traffic.

NEAR was scheduled to be sold for the last time on August 11 but it was postponed to August 12 because the site was inaccessible to many. CoinList promised to improve on the site so that investors will have a seamless experience 24 hours after the initial schedule.

However, the problem repeated itself the following day (Aug 12). CoinList’s platform was unable to cope with the traffic and investors had to refresh the page many times before succeeding. It was so bad that some tried accessing the website for two hours without succeeding.

Nevertheless, some investors were successful and all the 100 million tokens scheduled to be sold were all bought for almost $30 million within three hours. Unfortunately, many who wanted to buy were not able to do so and they laid the blame on CoinList’s website.

Unsuccessful NEAR buyers react

Many of those who were not able to purchase the NEAR tokens have reacted on CoinList’s Twitter account. CoinList has also apologized to them through the same medium.

CoinList said the tokens were not enough for the number that wanted it. The company further explained that it was a normal experience when tokens were sold. However, it promised on “working through a post-mortem” to make sure a greater number of investors are happy next time.

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