CoinList and What You Should Know about it

CoinList  is a platform for companies to sell their digital tokens. The reason CoinList does this is to encourage those who have seen the future of blockchain to keep being innovative as they help market their products. CoinList is pleased to market all sorts of financial instruments especially if they are blockchain-based. As they do so, they also ensure that the companies follow standard practice and other upcoming ones are also encouraged to follow suit.

Token creators leverage on CoinList’s trust score as they have impressed a lot of people with their anti money laundry policies and know your customer features. CoinList also gives them a ready market because many investors already depend on it for what may benefit them.

Before any project appears on CoinList, it undergoes proper scrutiny so that its investors will be protected from fake deals. Investors know this, so they never stop searching it for new opportunities. Besides, the platform is easy to use by even a fresher.

CoinList integrates its partners to harness more opportunities through its CoinList Build program. The program is aimed at organizing virtual hackathons with some well-known companies doing the same.

Lending Rates on CoinList

There are up to 22 digital assets to lend on CoinList presently. They include the popular assets such as BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, and XRP (Ripple). The interest rates for lending these assets are 0.8%, 0.8%, 1.8%, 1.6%, and 1% respectively. Others with interest rate not more than 1% are BAT (1%), USDC (0.8%), and GUSD (1%).


CoinList started off on its own after the sale of FileCoin tokens in the year 2017, which was organized by AngelList and Protocol Labs.

Andy Bromberg is now the president of CoinList after handing over at Sidewire as the CEO. Andy Bromberg works with Graham Jenkin  who is presently the CEO of CoinList. Graham Jenkin looks fit for the job as he was once the Chief Operating Officer at AngelList and also increased patronage for Bank of America and Google by making sure that customers were not complaining. Other people who helped in establishing CoinList and were also one-time workers at AngelList include Paul Menchov, Joshua Slayton, and Brian Tubergen.

CoinList has organized more than one seed offering in the past. In April 2018, only six investors answered the call and they contributed $9.2 million. The one held in October the following year was a bit better at $10 million as Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Square made a major investment during the offer.

Reasons to choose CoinList

After three years of existence, it is obvious that CoinList is out to make profit genuinely as a business entity. It has stood its ground of listing only genuine projects and this made big names in the industry to also invest in it. Before any project approaches it for listing, it must be ready for thorough scrutiny because that has been its method right from time. CoinList has sold tokens worth $800 Million for companies such as Solana, Origin Protocol, and Ocean Protocol. It is CoinList’s pride to take care of marketing tokens whether old or new so that the developers can concentrate on managing other aspects that will make them stand.

Crypto investors in love with the latest techniques should try CoinList for its enhanced platform features. It is now possible to catch more than two birds with one stone on the site as the ability to sell tokens, see the wallet balance, trade tokens, and also be involved in secondary auctions are now possible.

CoinList Lend
CoinList Lend started last year and it’s specifically for those who want to earn money from their assets. Presently, there are 10 assets  to lend and borrow on the platform.

Borrowers of assets using CoinList Lend can use their lent assets for up to 30 days while it is required of them to pay at a fixed rate every day. Borrowers are meant to submit collateral that is worth 115% to 160% of the asset they intend to get. Any interest gotten from borrowing is shared between the company and the lender in the ration of 1:4. CoinList never exposes the borrower to the lender and vice versa.

Other things to gain

CoinList has an all-in-one kind of wallet that supports USD and crypto deposits made with an Automated Clearing House (ACH) or wire transfer. This service is available to people in the U.S. but they must undergo strict verification procedures to enjoy all the features of their wallet. Once the user is able to unlock his potentials on the wallet, he or she can start trading and auctioning.

On CoinList trading, one can find ALGO, ETH, and BTC, each paired with USD and USDC. Users have also been attracted to the ETH/BTC pair as well as the ALGO/BTC pair. There is nothing to add or subtract from the trading fee which has been pegged at 0.5% per trade and the least that is accepted is $0.25, which can be paid in cryptocurrency. U.S. residents are free to benefit from CoinList trading but that’s not so for those in AK, MN, NY, NV, NC, LA, CT, HI, TX, WA, US Virgin Islands and TX. To know the prevailing fees for trading available pairs and to know if your location is included, always visit CoinList’s legal page.

CoinList successfully sells tokens with its Token Sale Manager, which used to be known as ComplyAPI. Six months ago, the total number of projects sold was calculated as 11 but the total money realized from them was $800 million and this money came from more than 10,000 investors. Several investors adopted the feature because it was superfast. Companies taking advantage of CoinList can decide on how their tokens will be sold. CoinList users are able to bid for the asset they want at a certain price and if it matches with what a company has to offer, it quickly reflects on the CoinList wallet belonging to the user.

Before CoinList started the year 2020, secondary auction was put in place. The auctions here are at very cheap prices and the aim is to partner with users who can buy these tokens and sell them for profits. Auctions are not done every day but once in a while and it requires a fee of 1% per transaction.

CoinList Build has its own unique features that make organizing virtual hackathon possible. This involves computer programmers and software managers coming together to create apps and winning some prizes for that. Hackathons that have been done before now include those of IDEO, 0X, IDEO, and Chainlink.

What is new from CoinList is the compliant airdrops platform. This is good for token issuers who want to sell millions of tokens within a few days. A vast majority of users can be reached at once on CoinList, Product Hunt, and AngelList. Also, users are discouraged from owning multiple accounts by introducing some affirmation steps.

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