CoinDeal Derivatives Airdrop

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About CoinDeal Derivatives Airdrop

Tokens Per Airdrop
150 BBD + 20 CDL
Tokens Per Referral
50 BBD + Leaderboard
Total Supply allocated for Airdrop
500,000 BBD & 1,000,000 CDL & 0.15 BTC

CoinDeal Derivatives Airdrop is worth 150 BBD tokens. Share your referral link to earn 50 BBD tokens for every referral. 

Additionally, Top 3 Referrals will receive special prizes in Bitcoin: 

1 Place   =   0.10  BTC
2 Place   =  0.03 BTC
3 Place   =  0.02 BTC

About CoinDeal Derivatives

Coindeal¬†Derivatives is indeed one of the most powerful and legitimate trading platforms in the world, offering access to more than 50 currency pairs, including the most popular ones, such as¬†Bitcoin,¬†Ethereum¬†or¬†Tron, but also many FIAT currencies: euro (EUR), dollar (USD), British Pound (GBP), Polish Zloty (PLN), Rouble (RUB), Swiss Franc (CHF) and Korean Won (KRW).¬†CoinDeal¬†is¬†the official¬†Global Partner¬†of the¬†Premier League¬†team: ”Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club”.¬†

The CDL token will allow you to lower your market maker fee to even 0.0000%, as well as staking the token via CoinDeal: Earn up to 11% rewards per year by staking at least 1,000 CDL Token!

Step-by-Step Guide CoinDeal Derivatives Airdrop

  1. Start the CoinDeal Airdrop Telegram Bot. 
  2. Join CoinDeal on Telegram. 
  3. Follow CoinDeal & BBOD on Twitter & Retweet the pinned Tweet. 
  4. Register and verify at least on starter level on CoinDeal.
  5. Submit your details to the Airdrop Bot. Remember: it must be the email same address, which was used for the sign up on
  6. Share your referral link to earn 50 BBD tokens for every referral. Top 3 Referrals will receive special prizes in BTC.
  7. The event will end on 7th May. Your prize will be awarded to your Coindeal account about 2 weeks after the Bot is closed.

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