Cobinhood (COB) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


The startup was created in mid-2017 (official site cobinhood-com).

Cobinhood is a new generation blockchain platform that operates as a cryptocurrency exchange with zero commission fees for exchanging digital and fiat money. The main goal is to maximize the income of traders.

The team highlighted some shortcomings of existing exchanges, which include high commission fees, delays in transactions, risk of hacking, and a threat of fraud. To function effectively, the project intends to solve all these and other issues.

Cobinhood has features such as no fees, maximum security, leverage, deposit insurance, support for new developments, high speed of performing transactions in real-time mode (up to 1 million transactions per second), and available APIs for trading.

Such platforms make a profit on commissions when users exchange cryptocurrencies. A project with a zero commission does not make money in this way, so it needs an additional source of funding that is why the authors offer services.

COB is an internal ERC20 token that is intended for use within the network. Developers do not stop there and continue to work on the development of the platform, expanding its functionality. The total amount of COB emissions is limited.

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