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Cloudy is Romania-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting. Their servers are placed in Romania.

Cloudy is a project of Quanta SRL from Oradea, Romania and is an initiative to emancipate the IT&C market and consulting in Oradea, the way it would be recommended to conduct business: computerized, online, open, personalized and in accordance with good practices European and international standards for obtaining the necessary certifications.

A healthy IT&C infrastructure obtained by outsourcing services is essential for the success and fluid, efficient and transparent activity of any company in Romania. We thus provide IT and online communication services, especially for website creation and domain hosting, VPS hosting, as well as their maintenance.

Web hosting in Romania
For web hosting we use Enterprise hardware equipment obtained through our own resources and managed by us, in Oradea, Romania. We are passionate and over time we have obtained a set of skills that help us to be up to date with the news, to have established good practices and to be able to install / set any equipment. We can also do it for clients.
We host internet domains in the most advantageous and secure conditions for our clients, and their administration is free. This means that you will have all the services perfectly set and that you can enjoy the facilities offered without even ever accessing the panel. And no, there is no additional charge for setting up the domain and servers.


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