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Cloudware is Bulgaria-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Dedicated Server, Cloud Hosting. Their servers are placed in Sofia.


High performance Cloud servers

Cloud servers – perfect for your critical business systems and applications.

You pay as much as you use

You only pay for what you use. You increase as needed. No contracts and long-term commitment.

Online in seconds

Create your cloud server quickly and easily with the parameters you need.

Ready to start!

Save time with pre-installed software.

High security

Cloudware is located in¬†Sofia Data Center¬†and uses¬†Neterra’s network¬†to offer high-speed, highly secure and secure


Exceptional reliability

We guarantee the availability of the service with a precisely built SLA.


High speed connectivity

We guarantee you high-speed and reliable access to the Bulgarian and global Internet space through the Neterra network .

No initial investment

Start with just a monthly fee. No expensive equipment. No operating costs for cooling, electricity and hardware maintenance. No contracts and long-term commitment.

Full control

Full access to your server. Moreover, you get remote access via IPMI with a separate IP address.

Free initial consultation

Our highly qualified team is at your disposal. We provide free professional consultation, choosing the best and most effective solution.

Security and data protection

All rental servers are located in Sofia Data Center . The center is built according to the highest requirements for temperature, humidity, dust, continuity of electricity, internet connectivity and more.

High quality leased servers

All servers use high quality components. The machines are stress tested before being installed in the data center.


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