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Clouds Web Hosting is Romania-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, VPS. Their servers are placed in Timisoara.

Premium hosting
We use high-performance equipment to ensure the highest loading speed.

We emphasize the quality of the services offered and the security of the hosted data.

Hosting accounts are managed through the cPanel control panel.

You have at your disposal a powerful tool for managing domains, e-mail accounts, databases and statistics.

We automatically perform multiple backup instances of hosted accounts.

For data security, a complete image of the servers in a separate geographical location is regularly created.
Dedicated IPs
Optionally, a dedicated IP address can be configured for the hosting account.

Thus, the sites on it will not have an address shared with the rest of the server.

Certificate SSL
An SSL certificate is generated free of charge for all hosted domains.

It ensures the encryption of the data transferred between the clients of the site and the server.

Free transfer
We handle the entire process of transferring accounts from old suppliers.

Thus, moving sites will be transparent and visitors will not be affected.


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