Civic (CVC) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


The project was developed in 2017 by a team of professionals that includes Vinnie Lingham (official site civic-com). The public is already interested in the functionality of the project, which operates mainly in the United States. The number of companies that use this product is also constantly growing.

Civic is a decentralized blockchain platform.

The creators aim to build the whole ecosystem to offer quick and inexpensive access to identity verification services. Civic aims to solve real issues related to user identification. Among them is the inefficiency of the process, repeated disclosure of confidential data to different organizations, which takes a long time to check the materials. Civic intends to reduce the cost and waiting time for secure verification of customer identity.

Data about an individual or legal entity is collected with the use of the specified information in social spheres, financial organizations and authorities. After that, the information is confirmed and entered into the blockchain. Users have the opportunity to test the company’s service to understand how it works.

CVC is a digital token (ERC20 standard), which is used for performing monetary transactions and is used by various service providers to obtain information about the customer. The platform does not offer its customers discounts, bonuses, or other marketing tools. CVC is traded on many popular exchanges.

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