Cider Makers in Spain to Fight Fake Products with Blockchain Tech

Makers of cider in Spain are applying blockchain to stop the production of fake ciders and excess supply.

The Spanish companies, Sidra Menéndez S.L. and Llagar Castañón S.L now think it is better to control production with the Telos blockchain. They believe that this will bring an end to fake products and excess supply.

Luis Meijueiro, the blockchain research leader at CTIC Technology Center, mentioned that cider is highly valued in Spain. It is made from some special species of apple. Unfortunately, when apples from other regions come into the country, people make ciders with them but they turn out to be of low quality.

With the Telos blockchain, it is expected that companies in Spain that produce the real cider will regain the trust of buyers and make more profit.

According to the designer of the Telos blockchain, Douglas Horn, “Tracking cider production is an excellent example of the many ways Telos can help solve challenges in supply chain management, agriculture, and consumer goods.”

The cider company will have a QR code on the label for every product. When consumers buy one, they will be able to know where it is coming from by scanning the code with a SidraDOP app.

Apart from where the bottle is coming from, consumers will also be informed about the apple species used and the date it arrived.

The whole process will be regulated by cider-making governing bodies so anyone now interested in gaining the trust of consumers in making cider would have to register. The Telos blockchain will register all the activities involved in the production process right from those that produce the apples, the companies where the drinks are produced and those that opt to distribute and sell them.

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