Chinese Police Dig Out Illegal Mining Hardware from Tombs

Law enforcement agents in China have uncovered a place where people mine bitcoins illegally. The miscreants found tombs as the best place to carry out their activities.

The news was carried by Beijing News on May 31. The exact location of the mining site was Daqing, a city in the northern part of China. The crypto miners hid the hardware in some burial mounds.

Mining Bitcoins without paying for electricity

Investigations started when the police got a report that a nearby oil firm noticed incessant power outages. The police saw a pathway that led to the mounds and after digging into it, they saw that a bitcoin mining hardware was responsible for the power failures.

Last week also, the police went to Heilongjiang province to uncover 54 mining equipment which were operated under a dog kennel.

China imposes strict measures on Bitcoin mining

The interest in mining has picked up again following the recent positive performances in the market.

But the authorities governing the Sichuan province has prohibited local firms from mining cryptocurrency. This is quite phenomenal because according to a study team from Cambridge University, about 10% of the world’s mining activities are done there.

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