Changpeng Zhao Spends One-Fifth of His Time on Twitter

The founder of Binance has revealed how he uses Twitter. For him, it is just a means of communicating with other members of the crypto community. He emphasized it is not the major thing on his mind.

Changpeng Zhao (or CZ for short), the CEO of Binance, says he uses twitter to ensure his company remains active online.

CZ uses Twitter but does not let it consume his time. He said: “It’s really just a way for me to interact with our community, which I budget roughly 20% of my time to.”

The social media been CZ’s strategy

CZ’s attention to the social media is not new. He said it has been a way of making people know about Binance since it started. The origin of Binance can be traced to 2017 when it started its ICO.

But Twitter was not the first social media platform for CZ. CZ first used WeChat but had to move on to Slack when he couldn’t add more than 500 persons to his group on WeChat.

CZ left Slack later on due to security challenges. From Slack, he went to Telegram which currently has more than 200,000 members. CZ commented on how the participants on Telegram always anticipate his presence for a question and answer session even when he doesn’t expect it.

Speaking about the Telegram chat, CZ said:

“With a large amount of users chatting together, whatever I say only stays on the screen for two seconds. It just scrolls too fast. It’s very difficult to view the chat history.”

Changpeng Zhao prefers Twitter for his activities

Because viewing chats is difficult on Telegram, CZ prefers to use Twitter. However, he said he uses Twitter like any other person who just wants to communicate.

CZ believes Binance has got so many followers on social media because it always tries to keep its members updated with the latest information.

He said:

“Part of that is also my unfiltered expressions which can also come with some criticism, and my intention is never to hurt anyone even when the Twitterverse tries to stir up the pot. No one is perfect and we’ve all had our share of blunders. I think it is important for the community to know who we are, how we think…”

CZ thinks Binance has done so well due to the audience he grants to those who want to hear from him.

The CEO is pleased at the rate of growth of the company. He sees it, as not just the best in the crypto industry, but also a good example to follow by other industries. He is excited that Binance has over 1,000 employees, which has made it record a growth of 2,000% in less than 36 months.

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