Centrality (CENNZ) price, market capitalization and tokenomics


The project’s ICO was successfully held in 2018, which made users from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and many other countries interested (official site cennz-net).

The team consists of 75 IT industry specialists from London, Singapore, Melbourne, and Auckland. The main project creators are Aaron McDonald, Roger Smith, and Jerry Yuan.

Centrality is a decentralized marketplace for applications that help technology startups at an early stage of their development. According to the creators, startup developers face difficulties with centralization and monopoly. They solve these problems by creating a universal platform for decentralized applications.

Centrality has launched a Scene, a set of dApps, based on its blockchains that perform tasks. Participants have the opportunity to select at least one desired application.

CENNZ is an internal token (ERC20 standard) of the platform that is required to add dApps applications to the market. CENNZ also performs a lot of tasks, such as user interaction and software access. The hash function provides a check of all cash transactions. Mining is not provided since all digital currency is issued immediately and will only be issued by the founders.

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