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About Centaure / CEN

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Centaure is a platform which connects the 2 parties on a live streaming session and making the process of consultation and advisory process much more flexible. The users can make an appointment with doctors, lawyers, counsellors, psychiatrist, teachers, agents etc, and pre-book them with few simple clicks. The sessions are closely monitored by Centaure staff so that the security and quality is maintained between the two parties.

Token Info
Token Centaure / CEN
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Tokens for Sale 30,000,000
Investment Info
Accepting ETH, BTC
Price in ICO 1 CEN = 0.8 ETH
Distributed in ICO 60 %
Raised Unknown

Timeline / Roadmap

Q4 - 2017 – Idea & Team

We came up with the idea of a platform that could connect advisors and advice seekers.

Q1 – 2018 – Planning & Documentation

-Token Creation -Creating roadmap -Creating whitepaper -Adding more members

Q2 – 2018 – ICO & Token Distribution

-No stage ICO -Air-drop and Bounties -Pre-ICO -Main ICO

Q1 – 2018 – Planning & Documentation

-Token Creation -Creating roadmap -Creating whitepaper -Adding more members

Q2 – 2018 – ICO & Token Distribution

-No stage ICO -Air-drop and Bounties -Pre-ICO -Main ICO

Q3 – 2018 – Exchanges & Coin Directories

-Token Listing on exchanges with good volume -Listing on coin directories

Q4 – 2018 – Web & Mobile Prototype Launch

Final prototype of the website and mobile platform. At this point, no functionality will be added.

Q1 – 2019 – Fully Functional Launch of Web Platform (Beta Version)

The beta version of web platform will include all the main features discussed in the white paper.

Q2 – 2019 - Fully Functional Launch of Android & IOS App (Beta)

The beta version of the mobile platform will include all the main features discussed in the white paper.

Q3 – 2019 – Security Enhancements for Web and Mobile Platforms

Our team will start working on enhancing the security of Centaure.

Q4 – 2019 – Platform Updates & Enhancements

At this point, Centaure will have a stable growth and our main goal will be to add more features to this platform and update the existing features.

Team Members

Team Members
Raza Rizvi
CEO, Co-founder
Team Members
Usama Afzal
COO, Co-founder
Team Members
Zain Haider
CMO, Co-founder
Team Members
Qasim Ashraf
Lead Developer
Team Members
Arsalan Latif
Front-end Developer
Team Members
Abbas Lakhani
Social Media Manager
Team Members
Rumaisa Ahmad
Content Manager

About Centaure

Before deciding whether to invest in this project or not, it’s best to read the entire section of this whitepaper. This document consists of the summary of Centaure business model, technology and detailed info about how the funds raised in the ICO will be utilized. Centaure fundraiser is based on reward based crowd funding where the backers are rewarded with Centaure tokens. The amount of tokens (to be rewarded) will depend upon how much you’ve invested and in what stage of ICO. Detailed info about the stages of ICO is discussed below.

If you are in any doubt as to the action you should take, it’s best to consult your financial, legal or tax advisor(s). Further we ask you to navigate away from our website and do not contribute to the development of this project in any way.

The information provided in this whitepaper, bitcointalk thread, our website and any other fundraiser’s terms and condition published by Centaure do not constitute a prospectus or offer document of any sort and it is not intended to constitute an offer of securities or a solicitation for investment in securities in any jurisdiction. You are welcomed to contribute to the development of Centaure but it is important to note that your contributions do not involve the exchange of Centaure tokens for any form of securities and shares in the company. Centaure token holders will not receive any form dividends or other revenue right which includes or involves in profit sharing scheme.

It must be noted that any part of information published by Centaure in the whitepaper and website has not (and will not be) examined by any regulatory authority. Centaure, its founders, team members and third party involved directly or indirectly towards the development of Centaure shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental; special, consequential loses of any kind.

Information provided in the whitepaper is not meant to be a business, financial, legal or any kind of other advice. Acquiring Centaure tokens mean that you’ll be entirely responsible for bearing the financial risk in the market.

Any information provided in this whitepaper is of descriptive nature only unless it is also added to the fundraiser’s terms and conditions.